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Dana Clark of Hidden natural depression Yoga and Healing Centre specialises in little cluster categories, workshops, personal yoga & Embodyment(R) Yoga medical care, with the intention of victimisation yoga as a tool for transformation and illumination.
All of Dana’s categories at Hidden natural depression Yoga and Healing Centre embody position, pranayama (breathing), some vocalizing and meditation and relaxation.

Dana offers Svaroopa® Yoga that could be a kind of yoga. it’s a way for gap your body, (roopa) to search out your Self, (sva). It uses a radically totally different approach than most recent varieties of yoga and may offer you a brand new thanks to consider position, (postures) apply.

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Svaroopa® Yoga is associate approach that holds postures longer, attracts attention inward and creates a really broody expertise. Its final aim is to form core gap by cathartic tension within the deepest layers of the body. This unharness deliberately begins at the tailbone and is carried up the spine, through the os, waist, ribcage, and beyond. As this unharness is frequently strengthened, the full body begins to align itself from the within outward.

The Svaroopa® Yoga repertoire includes standing poses, classical poses, and vinyasa additionally to floor and chair postures. This variety of yoga is predicated on the Sanskrit literature of “support equals release” this is often seen in any respect levels of apply wherever students develop an interior sense of support. The core gap cultivated once active foundational poses carries forward into standing and moving, and students area unit able to notice a way of ease and deep unharness.

Benefits of this variety of yoga include:

Musculoskeletal changes within the body travel downward from the tailbone, cathartic tension and dis-ease within the legs, hips, knees, ankles and feet, and upward, moving the spine through the os, lower back, waist, rib cage, shoulders, neck, and skull.
Spinal unharness to form more room for the invertebral discs and nerve roots, up communication throughout the body’s systems.
The core gap relieves compression of the interior organs, up digestion, elimination, and fruitful operate.
Reduced physical tension throughout the body enhances vitality and stamina. As your body opens, your state of mind becomes additional peaceful, centered, calm and elated.
Your spirit shifts aloof from depression and anxiety towards compassion, happiness and joy.
Dana offers cluster categories for beginners or students with yoga expertise in addition as individual yoga medical care sessions, personal yoga sessions and Embodyment® sessions. w

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