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Dear Savvy Senior,

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I’ve perpetually been a walker, however after I fell last month my doctor recommended I begin performing some balance exercises. is that this very one thing i want to practice? What are you able to tell me?

Avid Walker

Dear Walker,

Most people don’t assume a lot of regarding active their balance, however you must, constant means that you simply walk to strengthen your heart, lungs and overall health, otherwise you stretch to stay your body limber.

As we age, our balance declines – if it isn’t practiced – and might cause falls. each year over one in 3 individuals age sixty five years or older fall, and therefore the risk will increase with age. an easy fall will cause a significant fracture of the hip, pelvis, spine, arm, hand or articulatio plana, which may cause hospital stays, disability, loss of independence and even death.

How Balance Works

Balance is that the ability to distribute your weight in a very means that allows you to carry a gradual position or move at can while not falling. It’s determined by a posh combination of muscle strength, visual inputs, the labyrinth and therefore the work of specialised receptors within the nerves of your joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons that orient you in regard to alternative objects.

It’s all sorted call at the sensory cortex of your brain, that takes within the info from those sources to allow you balance. however aging dulls our balance senses, and causes most seniors to step by step subsided stable on their feet over time.

Poor balance may cause a vicious circle of inactivity. you are feeling a trifle unsteady, therefore you curtail sure activities. If you’re inactive, you’re not difficult your balance systems or exploitation your muscles. As a result, each balance and strength suffer. easy acts like strolling through a market or obtaining up from a chair become trickier. That shakes your confidence, therefore you become even less active.

Balance Exercises

If you have got a balance downside that’s not tied to malady, medication or another specific cause, easy exercises will facilitate preserve and improve your balance. Some basic exercises you’ll be able to do anytime include:

• One-legged stands: Stand on one foot for thirty seconds, or longer, then switch to the opposite foot. you’ll be able to do that whereas brushing your teeth or waiting around somewhere. within the starting, you may wish to possess a wall or chair to carry on to.

• Heel rises: whereas standing, get on my feet on your toes as way as you’ll be able to. Then move to the beginning position and repeat the method ten to twenty times. you’ll be able to build this harder by holding light-weight hand weights.

• Heel-toe walk: Take twenty steps whereas trying straight ahead. think about a field sobriety check.

• Sit-to-stand: while not exploitation your hands, rise from a straight-backed chair and sit backpedal ten to twenty times. This improves balance and leg strength.

For additional balance exercises visit, a resource created by the National Institute on Aging that gives free booklets and a videodisc that gives illustrated samples of several applicable exercises. you’ll be able to order your free copies on-line or by vocation 800-222-2225.

Some other exercises that may facilitate improve your balance and adaptability is thru t’ai chi chuan and yoga. To find a beginner’s category in your space that teaches either of those disciplines, decision your native senior center, place of business or eudaemonia center, check your telephone book or attempt on-line directory sites like and

If nothing is on the market close to you, there square measure DVDs and videos that provide t’ai chi chuan and yoga directions and routines for seniors that you simply will do reception. Some sensible resources for locating them square measure, and, or see your native library.

Send your senior queries to: Savvy Senior, P.O. Box 5443, Norman, OK 73070, or visit Jim Miller could be a contributor to the NBC nowadays show and author of “The Savvy Senior” book.

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