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Remember Twister? It had been “The game that ties you in knots!” Introduced within the 1960s, Twister required off after Johnny Carson and Avoid Gabor performed a risqué form of it survives The Tonight Show. The purpose was for players to stretch everywhere learn how to balance on their own hands and ft in strange positions without falling over communicate with buddies inside a new, slightly crazy way not to mention, have some fun!

Practicing Garudasana (Bald eagle Pose) is much like playing a solitaire form of Twister. You twist and stretch and wrap your branches around one another before you can barely tell from left. When you initially check it out, you may miss out on the playful spirit of Twister within the pose. You might find yourself gripping at the wrists and ankles, or unnecessarily clenching muscles while you make an effort to balance on a single foot.

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To locate ease and a sense of freedom within the pose, it can help to consider the myths behind Garudasana’s name. Garuda, though frequently converted as “eagle,” is really a mythical bird within the Hindu and Buddhist traditions. Because of the vehicle from the god Vishnu, Garuda is stated is the king of wild birds. In Tibetan traditions, the Gouda have thought an enchanting species they’re frequently referred to as “outrageous” due to their remarkable capability to fly and fly and fly… rather than land. They never need to land simply because they never get tired. Plus they never get tired simply because they ride the wind.

In Garudasana the body might feel awkward and limited, but you may still ride the wind as a bald eagle. “Riding the wind” income riding the flow or power associated with a situation or any challenging pose. To not be mistaken with choosing the flow or getting shocked by conditions, riding the strength of the position means remaining open to what’s occurring and finding a method to become stable, spacious, and steady within that situation, without confrontation. Whenever you resist, you’re more prone to get tired and quit. In Garudasana, resistance will probably lead you to tense up and lose balance. However, when you stay available to options, even when dealing with obstacles, you might find that the energy renews itself endlessly.

And boy, does Garudasana offer some obstacles! This pose is sort of a climbing vine that wraps around it. Looking for a feeling of stability and spaciousness within that scenario is rather crazy! But even though you feel closed in when you are doing the work, this pose will work for opening the body. It stretches and broadens the region between your neck, releasing upper-back tension and opening the rear of the center. Additionally, it stretches shoulders, ankles, sides, and wrists. Also, it broadens the sacrum, a place where lots of people typically hold lots of tension and soften the grains, which enables an entirely free flow of one’s within the lower body.

How do we get it done? Start at the start and go one wrap at any given time.


  • Loosens and strengthens ankles and sides
  • Relaxes wrists and shoulders
  • Releases tightness between neck and across sacrum
  • Cultivates confidence
  • Strengthens legs


  • This problem
  • Ankle injuries
  • Shoulder injuries
  • Small bloodstream pressure

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